US News and World Report found some interesting tidbits in the Democrats bill on 9/11 beyond what we reported on yesterday in the Update. Is it any wonder they are vulnerable to criticism they are weak on the War on Terror? The tidbits include.

TSA unionization: The country's airport screenersa force that today includes about 43,000 people have been unable to formally unionize, which has greatly upset the Unions, who the Democrats are extremely beholden to. The House bill gives all TSA employees collective bargaining rights, including the right to strike.

Redress for watch listers: Democrats want to create a formal Office of Appeals and Redress that will handle the few cases each year of people who believe they are incorrectly on the TSA's no-fly or special selectee list.

Funds for Muslim schoolchildren: 9/11 commission member Tim Roemer praised Democrats on Monday for introducing a bill that would ensure "progress on winning hearts and minds around the world." Democrats plan to create an International Arab and Muslim Youth Opportunity Fund that would invest in public education in Arab and Muslim countries. No word in the bill on how much such an effort would cost.