Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

In Florida, the ACLU has issued its own commandment: Thou shalt remove thy biblical monument. The liberal group is referring to a granite sculpture of the Ten Commandments outside the Dixie County court. It was installed last November after a businessman donated it and the City Council approved it. Because the display invokes the name of God, the ACLU argues that it violates the Establishment Clause. But ironically, its the same God that kicks off the national motto, In God We Trust. Several states have passed bills to protect similar monuments. As one legislator said, I just think its a darn good moral code. And hes not alone. The public strongly supports posting the Ten Commandments on government property. Some polls have shown as much as 77 percent approve of the displays. Thats why its a little surprising that the ACLU resurrected their campaign. All of these lawsuits should have taught them that its hard to get a guilty verdict on the ten most wanted list.

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