Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

In Illinois, abortions may be cheaper by the dozen. The online clinics have issued a coupon thats literally to die for. As part of their gimmick to attract new customers, the Illinois Abortion Clinics site is offering $20 off their first visit. Unfortunately, the discount will come in handy for the states minors, who, thanks to a federal ruling, can still have abortions without their parents knowledge or consent. Two weeks ago, a U.S. District judge refused to enforce a parental notification law that was passed back in 1995. And those online coupons show why the law is an important one. For years, the abortion business has been using the lack of family involvement to lure teens to their clinics for secret abortions. Now other young girls are crossing state lines to take advantage of Illinois loose laws. And until the legislature steps in, theyll have to learn the hard way that abortion is a costly mistakedeal or no deal.

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