Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Since Congress started debating the new hate crimes bill, some people are seeing the French connection. In Paris, an Islamic mosque is suing a magazine for printing cartoons about the prophet Mohammed. The comic was one of twelve that have been published around Europe, but French Muslims say the cartoon is no laughing matter. Lawyers for the Paris Mosque are charging them with slander, a crime thats punishable by six months in jail. If the mosque wins, then its bon voyage for the countrys freedom of speech. Several French citizens support the magazine. One said, If we cant laugh at the terrorists, what weapon is left? Obviously, not all humor is appropriate, but who gets to decide whats acceptable and what isnt? The case against these cartoons has serious consequences for Europe. Hate crimes is definitely making a tour de France, but it could soon become American law. Call your representatives and tell them to vote no on hate crimes legislation in Congress.

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