Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Have you noticed that when it comes to parental control in education that many of the folks on the political left leave their pro-choice mantra behind? Case in point is President Bushs request for Congress to reauthorize his No Child Left Behind educational program. Ill be frank; I opposed the plan from the very beginning because its a big government program. But, the new version has at least one redeeming component: vouchers for students who are stuck in failing public schools which will allow them to attend a private school. In some states the very idea has raised the scores and the hopes of many low-income kids. But that doesnt seem to matter if some are more interested in preserving an ailing system than educating children. According to them, we should forget vouchers and keep pouring money into failing schools. The underlying issue is that they dont want to give parents a choice in education because they are fearful of a loss of control that might leave them behind.

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