Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Some pro-abortion groups are arguing that Congress is spending too much money on a good thingabstinence education. This year, if the Presidents budget passes, funding for abstinence programs will be at an all-time high. And for good reason. A study in the journal Adolescent and Family Health says classes that teach kids to save sex for marriage are responsible for a 66% reduction in teen pregnancies. Researchers are finding proof that the best weapon against promiscuity isnt contraception but urging kids to abstain from sex altogether. And if President Bush gets his way, more students will get the message that the safest sex is within marriage. His budget includes a $28 million increase in abstinence fundingwithout putting extra money in the hands of people whose only answer to pregnancy and disease is more safe sex! Join with me in asking Congress to invest in what works. Otherwise, well be paying an even bigger price for a generation of mistakes.

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