A new survey from The Barna Group explores the so-called "God gap" between Republicans and Democrats, examining 32 measures of religious commitment, belief and activity. The study shows that while Republicans continue to hold advantage in attracting born again Christian voters, Democrats are not as far behind on measures of Christian commitment as might be assumed.

The study finds that Republicans were more likely than Democrats to:

  • Strongly assert that the Bible is accurate in all of the principles it teaches (57% versus 40%)
  • Twice as likely to believe Satan is a real spiritual entity (33% versus 17%)
  • More likely to reject the idea that good works can earn salvation (35% versus 23%)
  • More commonly describe themselves as absolutely committed to Christianity (61% versus 48%)

The report also notes that 53% of Republicans say they attended church in the last seven days (compared with 41% of Democrats) and only 22% of Republicans qualified as unchurched (as opposed to 34% among Democrats).