Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

When it comes to setting a good example, Hollywood stinks. Literally. For all the anti-pollution celebrities, there seem to be even more environmental hypocrites. A new study by UCLA found that the entertainment industry is one of the biggest reasons for L.A.s filthy air. Turns out that all of those studios use diesel generatorsand that means lots of smog. Then theres Al Gore, winner of two Oscars for his documentary on global warming. The Tennessee Electric Company just made his power bills public and lit the fuse of conservatives everywhere. His home in Nashville uses more electricity in one month than the average American house uses in an entire year. Meanwhile, stars like Brad Pitt brag about driving electric cars but ride in plenty of private jets. His travel from L.A. to Africa guzzled 11,000 gallons of gas, and burned enough fuel to drive his Prius to the moon. Obviously, Hollywoods campaign for the environment has been a toxic waste... of time.

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