Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

With the White House opposed to her trip, Speaker Nancy Pelosis visit to Syria was bound to come to a head. More specifically, the headscarf Pelosi agreed to wear to accommodate Muslim tradition. Pelosi toured Damascus and an 8th Century mosque as reporters snapped several pictures of the House leaders headwhich is leading many Americans to scratch theirs. Apart from dealing illegal drugs and supporting terrorism, Syria has a history of oppressing women. And while its troubling that Pelosi would make the trip and defy the Presidentits even more disturbing that she would try to embrace a culture that denounces family, faith, and freedom. In the Muslim world, covering your head is considered an act of submission. If thats the case, American feminists should be outraged. Even Condoleezza Rice refuses to follow Muslim tradition, making her a better ambassador for womens rights than Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately, for those who look to America as a leader in equality, Pelosis undone several years of progress. She said she hopes to rebuild lost confidence. If thats the case, then she ought to start at home.

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