Saint George may have slain the dragon, but it's becoming painfully obvious that even he cannot conquer Great Britain's wave of political correctness. As the country copes with an influx of Muslims, the church and government are finding it extremely difficult to maintain their British identity. As an example, the Church of England is considering removing the cross of St. George from its flag because of its association with the medieval crusades. The debate has enraged citizens who are concerned that the country may soon become unrecognizable in its pursuit of cultural pluralism.

This week, British papers are also reporting a growing problem with the public school curriculum. For fear of "offending" Muslim students, teachers have become increasingly hesitant to teach history lessons on the Holocaust because of the students' predominantly anti-Semitic feelings. A government study found that educators are also afraid to tackle the 11th century crusades, in which Christians fought Islam for control of the Holy Land, or the Arab-Israeli conflict. Since the curriculum often conflicts with what some children are taught at the local mosques, some teachers are dropping the lessons altogether.

Sadly, it reflects the international trend to use history as a means, not for teaching the truth but promoting a value-free form of tolerance. As Chris McGovern, a government advisor, said, "Children must have access to knowledge of these controversial subjects, whether palatable or unpalatable." Until Britons rise up to defend the traditions that they hold dear, these P.C. policies will only facilitate their nation's decline. Americans should take notice!