Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Easter may be over, but Rhode Island's still a basket case. It started two weeks ago, when a superintendent banned the Easter Bunny from a school craft show, saying he was "too religious." Since the Easter Bunny was scheduled to visit, school officials had to change his name to Peter Rabbit. But the decision has one legislator hopping mad. State Representative Richard Singleton told Good Morning America that he's "frustrated by people who try to change American traditions." And he's not alone. These days, even the Easter Bunny--who's purely secular--isn't safe from religious profiling. Liberals have become so touchy about Christianity that they've gone from banning meaningful symbols like the cross to banning symbols that have no religious significance whatsoever. After all, the Easter Bunny has no more connection to Christ's resurrection than Bugs Bunny. It's a pagan symbol of spring and new life. A symbol that Singleton has vowed to protect. He's introduced a bill called "The Easter Bunny Act" that would protect holidays and holiday symbols from being redefined. If he's successful, other states that want to encourage religious freedom should be "all ears."

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