Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

While most Americans are celebrating Flag Day, a little town called Clarksburg, New York reminds us that Old Glory still faces new threats. Last month, the city tore down a $400 display of American flags that Joe Hoehmann bought to line the town causeway. The 22 year-old wanted to honor the military with a mile-long display of American pride. Joe got permission to decorate from the company who owns the property. And decorate he didwith over 100 U.S. flags. Later that week, he noticed that 70 of the flags were missing. How could someone do that? people asked. It turns out that someone was a local official. According to an attorney, the flags violated a city ordinance that bans the posting of signs. But the Star Spangled Banner isnt a signits the symbol of our country for which thousands of soldiers have died. Flying the flag is one way to show the world that were united in support for our nations men and women who are in harms way. And its how we pay tribute to the many weve lost. While our military marches under Old Glory, daily risking their lives to defend what it stands for, here at home patriotism should be praisednot punished!

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