Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Liberals may believe in a womans right to choose, but what about a pharmacists? A new bill by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney would fine pharmacies a half-million dollars for choosing not to dispense Plan B. Although liberals say its just birth control, Plan B has been medically proven not just to prevent pregnancies, but to end them. Maloney said, Access to [contraception] is a constitutional right. Many Americans may agree with her. But the fundamental problem is that Plan B isnt contraceptionits an abortifacient. And for seven out of ten pharmacists, that poses a serious moral dilemma. Until now, employees have been protected by a right of conscience clause. That means theyre exempt from doing things on the job that violate their personal or religious beliefs. Maloneys bill changes all that by threatening to make criminals out of anyone who refuses to stock the drug. To me, thats absurd. These pharmacies arent denying women life-saving treatment or medication. Theyre simply asking them to go elsewhere for pills that can destroy innocent human life. In the abortion debate, safety and ethics continue to take a backseat to politics. And all too often what ends up in short supply isnt birth control, but conviction.

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