Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

When asked, most Americans would put cows before vows. Marriage vows to be exact. According to a new Gallup poll, a majority of people think that animal testing is more unethical than divorce. Divorce topped gambling, cloning, and premarital sex as the most tolerable act. Sixty-five percent said divorce was morally acceptable while only 58 percent said the same about buying fur. In other words, dissolving your marriage is less important than what you wear to divorce court. Of course, if the country cant understand the importance of marriage, how can we fight to preserve it? For years, theres been resistance to legislation that helps couples keep their commitments. Last week, when Texas passed a law that doubled the price of a marriage license to $60 for couples who dont have premarital counseling, some people were outraged. Its none of the governments business, said one. Well, frankly, it is the governments businessparticularly when the cultural and social cost of divorce far outweighs the licensing fee. Taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for family breakdown by fighting poverty and juvenile delinquency. The bottom line: marriage matters.

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