Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

After a new ruling, it looks like broadcast television will be airing on the vulgar side. Just a year after the FCC cracked down on indecency, a three-judge panel decided the policy on fleeting expletives was too vague. According to the court, profanity thats live and unscripted shouldnt be bannedor even punished. Although the court said the FCCs rules are arbitrary, the reality is that the policy was finally helping to clean up network television by holding broadcasters responsible. Its ironic. Courts are defending the right to curse on primetime television but want to censor words like traditional values. Not too long ago, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled words like natural family should be banned in the workplace. The court sided with a supervisor who ordered employees to take down a flier that advertised a forum on faith and current issues. Why? Because it contained words like traditional marriage that the court considered hate speech. Americans had better start seriously questioning the direction of our country if the only controversial word that begins with f is family.

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