In George Orwell's classic novel 1984, government in the form of "Big Brother" aimed to control the attitudes and perceptions of its citizens through thought control. Eerily, fiction is slowly becoming a reality as those who speak out against homosexual behavior are now having their liberties threatened because of their religious beliefs and association. New "hate crime" laws threaten to curtail the freedoms of speech and religion.

As Dr. D. James Kennedy has warned, they have the potential to "shut down churches and send pastors to prison for simply reading a part of the Bible. "Hate Crimes Laws: Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians" is a provocative, 40-minute DVD that looks at this ominous legal tool of the homosexual lobby.

The program features Dr. D. James Kennedy; Ake Green, a Swedish pastor arrested for preaching against homosexuality; members of the Philadelphia 11 who were charged with a hate crime while peacefully protesting; Christine Sneeringer, an ex-lesbian; Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; and Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries (who was prosecuted under hate crimes laws in Australia). Order this exceptional video today.