The National Education Association (NEA) should come clean, be honest, and change their name. The National Indoctrination Association (NIA) would be more fitting. According to a report from the Baptist Press, the NIA has been up to their usual schoolyard bully routine, pushing their radical agenda onto America's children.

At their annual conclave held in Philadelphia early this month, the organization's executive committee -- without the approval of their members -- voted to aggressively advance elements of the homosexual agenda. The committee voted on and approved three proposals. First, the committee voted to put the weight of the so-called education association behind an effort to pass federal hate crimes legislation, a measure that would greatly expanded federal power and would ultimately lead to the silencing of moral opposition. The second resolution would boost the NEA's website to "include all resources" devoted to homosexual causes, and the third resolution called upon them to push to make sexual orientation training to be a requirement for earning teaching credentials.

And people wonder why parents want choice in education!