Last night former Australian Prime Minister John Howard gave the Irving Kristol Lecture at the American Enterprise Institute's annual dinner. PM Howard is well known as a relentless foe of radical Islam and an indefatigable supporter of Australia's special relationship with the United States, so the conservative views he expressed on the War on Terror and Geopolitics were to be expected. What was surprising, however, was his treatment of marriage and family as the foundation of any flourishing society. He said:

It remains a reality in Western societies that two of the greatest contributors to poverty are joblessness and family breakdown.

We should maintain a cultural bias in favour of traditional families. That doesn't mean discriminating against single parents but it does mean ceaselessly propounding the advantages for a child of being raised by both a mother and father.

Marriage is a bedrock social institution - with an unmistakable meaning and resonance. It should be kept as such.

He only goes on from there to lay out strong family policy he introduced-the entire speech is worth checking out. What can one say but, "Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!"