Sad news came over the weekend that Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo had departed this life for the next. He is likely best known as the head of the Pontifical Council on the Family, but before being appointed to that post, he was a Catholic bishop in Columbia, and head of the conference of Catholic bishops of Latin America. In those roles, he was a fearless champion of orthodox Christianity, most famously in leading Vatican efforts to correct the mistakes of liberation theology. His life was threatened multiple times, and he escaped assassination attempts on several occasions only through the Lords grace.

He was appointed a Cardinal at a very young age 46. Thus, he was one of the longest serving of the Cardinals. When he came to the leadership of the Pontifical Council on the Family about 20 years ago, he convened successive meetings to examine the latest knowledge in demographics, sex education, morality, and bioethics. He also began the practice of holding World Meetings of Families every 3 years.

One of his achievements was producing the Lexicon. This book, by multiple authors, examined ambiguous and debatable terms regarding family life and ethical questions that anti-life and anti-family forces use internationally to advance their agenda.

Cardinal Lopez Trujillo was a leader not of Catholics only, but of all people of good will who support the natural family founded upon the marriage of one man and one woman. He enthusiastically supported the pro-family efforts of non-Catholic Christians, and collaborated with them, and with religious believers of other faiths, in the great work of promoting and protecting the family. His leadership will be sorely missed.