Ted Turner, apparently chomping at the bit to promote the agenda of the global warming alarmists, says we will be eating one another by mid-century. Always hungry for a headline, Turner is sure to grab a few by suggesting that the world's population, exacerbated by global warming, will lead to scarcity of resources.

What's on Turner's menu of solutions? Population control.

"We're too many people; that's why we have global warming," Turner said. "Too many people are using too much stuff."

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Turner suggested that "on a voluntary basis, everybody in the world's got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it."

Of course what happens when people don't comply? If it is a good idea, then government has to make you comply, whether it's wearing seatbelts, bicycle helmets or limiting your quiver to two.

There is even more to the call for population control, like China's forced sterilization and infanticide and the liberal West's advancement of same-sex relations.

Stanford University professor Paul R. Ehrlich, in his book The Population Bomb, predicted millions of people would die of starvation in the 1970's and 1980's without the type of population control that Turner is calling for. The hysteria created by Ehrlich paved the way for the United Nations Population Fund.

The UN projected that the planet would be overrun with 11.5 billion people. Ehrlich was wrong. The UN now is quietly saying the population boom will fall far short of their projections. World population is projected to peak at 8.5 billion and then start a steady, long-term decline which many countries are already experiencing and multi millionaires promoting doomsday scenarios.

So we might very well have fields where no crops grow, not because of climate change, but because of an intemperate climate for humans caused by radical public policies.