Not all of California is one banana short of a bunch. One area of sanity is in Kern County where the elected clerk and auditor-controller, Ann Barnett, has decided instead of being complicit in the destruction of marriage that Kern County would stop performing marriages. The reactions to her actions expose quite a bit of the intolerance Christians can expect more and more of as the "same-sex" marriage movement goes beyond California.

On Thursday, she appeared stung by critics who have labeled her a "religious terrorist" and called for her resignation; by the hate mail that has flooded her office; by the unceasing requests for interviews, so many that she has unplugged her home phone.

"I'm just a county clerk trying to do my job," said the tall and soft-spoken 53-year-old, dressed in business attire, hands folded primly on her lap. "I wasn't out to make a statement."

The local leader in the area's homosexual community makes it very clear what should happen to people who disagree with him.

"If it really bothers her conscience, she might want to consider stepping down," Wedell said.