New stats from Wisconsin should make cheeseheads proud:

"In the biggest annual decrease in a decade, Wisconsin abortions fell 14% in 2007 as compared to 2006. The number of 2007 abortions performed was 8,267 compared to 9,580 in the preceding year, a decrease of 1,313 abortions in a single year.

"We are absolutely elated to learn of this stunning decrease," declared Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. "Wisconsin Right to Life to Life uses a multi-faceted strategy to reduce the number of abortions and the continued declines year after year prove our strategies are successful."

Mrs. Lyons brings up an interesting point about Planned Parenthood:

"A word of caution, however. Planned Parenthood was forced to close two of its abortion clinics in Milwaukee and the Appleton area for seven months in 2007 due to having no one willing to perform abortions. That represented closure of 40% of abortion clinics in Wisconsin. The two clinics are now operating again but it is unknown if they are at previous strength. It is very possible that we will see an increase in the abortion numbers in 2008.

"Nonetheless, circumstances should not in any way diminish the fact that 1,313 babies who might have been killed by abortion are alive today," continued Lyons.