This week in Minnesota, the location of the Republican Party Convention this summer, new abortion statistics have been released:

Abortions in Minnesota declined 1.5 percent last year, after an increase in 2006. The 2006 numbers showed a 5 percent increase overall and a 16 percent increase among teens 17 and younger.

This year, the number of abortions among teens 17 and younger declined, but the number of abortions among 18- and 19-year olds increased. The net effect was just four fewer teen procedures in 2007.

While it is always good to see the number of children being killed go down, clearly even one is too many. The reasons listed for having an abortion included not wanting children at this time, already being a single parent, the economy and having unfulfilled educational goals.

The local abortuary, Planned Parenthood, notes that abortions actually increased in 2006, but conveniently cites that as an "anomaly." There are others who have perhaps a better explanation for the numbers:

Scott Fischbach, executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, said the 2006 increase was a problem - corrected in 2007 with $2.4 million in state funding for programs promoting abortion alternatives.

Considering the increase in economic concerns, he recommends more funding for alternatives, including programs that provide women with housing, education and adoption planning.

"In so doing," he said, "we believe that the mothers and their babies will flourish."

Activist Alveda King points out another sad fact of the Minnesota numbers that is certainly no "anomaly."

"While African Americans comprise only 4.5 percent of Minnesota's population, black received almost 25 percent of the abortions performed on Minnesotans," stated Dr. King. "Nationally, black women are 4.8 times more likely to have an abortion than white women. It's hard to believe, as the abortion lobby would have you believe, that this discrepancy is caused strictly by economics."

"Abortion has been a scourge on all Americans, but particularly African Americans," added Dr. King. "The numbers speak for themselves. The abortion industry has targeted minority neighborhoods for years. It's not only time that our leaders investigated why this is happening, it's time they stopped indirectly subsidizing these killings by giving our money to businesses that do abortions."