Michigan citizens will likely be considering a ballot initiative this fall on embryonic stem cell research. The proposal would promote more embryonic stem cell research by overturning Michigan's long-standing prohibition on destruction of embryos for experiments.

In Missouri, a judge has denied a temporary restraining order on disbursement of life sciences funds. The lawsuit will still be heard; it attempts to clarify clashing guidelines between prohibitions in the funding of life sciences projects (prohibiting use of the funds for any human cloning) and the new provisions in the Missouri constitution, from the 2006 Amendment 2, that preclude funding prohibitions. This is the first legal test of the new constitutional provisions that allow human embryo cloning in Missouri.

Louisiana Governor Jindal signed into law a prohibition on use of state funds for human cloning, while Ohio Gov. Strickland used his line-item veto to remove a similar prohibition in a funding bill, keeping human cloning and its funding legal in Ohio.