I'm not quite sure how out of it you have to be to think the Democratic Party is wavering from its pro-abortion on demand stance that it has held for decades, however that is the fear expressed by Frances Kissling, former president of the oxymoronically named Catholics for Free Choice, and Kate Michelman, former head of the pro-abortion group NARAL, in a new op-ed at Salon.com.

The two ladies state that by adopting an "abortion-reduction strategy" the Democratic Party will lose voters this election. They argue this reduction strategy is wrong-headed while also pointing out the Democratic Party realizes it has a major problem attracting a large segment of voters due to its out of the mainstream positions on abortion.

The solution that Frances and Kate put forth is supporting a bill couched in sugary terms that would actually significantly increase the governmental taxpayer funded slush fund that Planned Parenthood currently receives. The bill, H.R. 1074, is sponsored by Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-0%) and Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH-12%). They call Rep. Ryan a "pro-life Democrat," despite his continued support of Planned Parenthood funding, embryonic stem cell funding, the sometimes abortifacient "morning after pill" (he had introduced an amendment that would have required EVERY medical unit in the Armed Forces to carry the drug) and taxpayer funding for organizations that support coercive abortions (Rep. Ryan received a 12% on FRCAction's latest scorecard because of his vote on the Fairness Doctrine - otherwise he would have scored a 0%) .

The truth of the matter is not that the core of the Democratic Party is becoming more pro-life but that it is changing its rhetoric to cloud the issue. Can you name one prominent Democrat in power in elected office in recent history who is also pro-life? The most well known pro-life Democrat was Gov. Bob Casey Sr. (D-Penn.) who was shut out of speaking at the Democratic conventions. His son now serves in the U.S. Senate but also serves Planned Parenthood with a number of his votes. Only when the Democratic Party truly opens up to even listening to arguments for life will it sincerely be open to change.