I'm seriously not trying to pick on our friends to the north. I grew up right near the border in Upstate New York and have fond memories of trips across the border. However what are they thinking by giving the man responsible for bringing legalized abortion to their country twenty years ago the Nation's highest honor, the Order of Canada.

His comments show he is a man who has no remorse and in fact credits himself for Canada's low crime rate because his efforts have successfully killed off generations that might have committed crime.

He said that in the 20 years since the Supreme Court of Canada struck morgentaler.jpgdown the criminal law against abortion in the case that bears his name, abortion has become one of the safest surgical procedures. Women are no longer killed, injured or left infertile because of abortions, he said, and violent crime has become much rarer due to a decline in unwanted pregnancies.

"There are people out there who would otherwise have been murdered. That makes me very happy indeed," he said.

According to Canadian abortion groups over 110,000 abortions are performed in Canada every year a ratio of about 30 abortions to every 100 live births. There are no real conscience protections to speak of and pro-life counselors are not permitted by law to directly advise an individual to not obtain an abortion.

This man who is responsible for at least 2,200,000 deaths in Canada since 1988 does not see himself as the violent one but according to him the pro-life churches in Canada are the vicious ones

He said he is surprised that the negative reaction to his honour from religious groups "is not more violent that it already is. The negative opinions all come from the usual suspects: the Catholic Church, fundamentalists, women opposed to women's rights."

His opinion on the views of people of faith is eerily similar to those who are pro-abortion such as People for the American Way and Americans Untied for Seperation of Church and State in the U.S.:

He said opposition to abortion on religious grounds does not trouble him, "as long as they are not allowed to influence other people, by force or by any other means."