When one thinks about the legacy of Roe v. Wade sad stories like this must come to mind. The 1973 decision helped further a cheapening of human life. While thankfully this baby has survived, one must think what if the mother had instead talked to one of the many pregnancy care centers out there who could have helped her and her child. My prayers to both the mother and the child.

Lauderdale Lakes woman put newborn in garbage bag

LAUDERDALE LAKES - She denied she had given birth even as she was caught holding a white garbage bag with a crying newborn in it, the Broward Sheriff's Office said today.

Meshia Morant, 30, was arrested Tuesday and faces a charge of attempted murder. She is in jail on no bond.

The baby girl, now 2 weeks old, is in good health and has been placed in the care of a friend by child protection officials.