NPR station WCPN is running a 3-day series entitled "Life's Blood: How umbilical cord blood is being transformed from a wasted resource into life-saving therapies". It started today in Morning Edition.

In the first installment, "Banking on Babies: The Potential of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells", reporter Gretchen Cuda interviewed doctors and pregnant moms about banking cord blood and differences between public and private cord blood banks.

As cord blood researcher Dr. Mary Laughlin notes: "While everybody is arguing over embryonic stem cells we're doing cord blood transplants." Cleveland OB Dr. Marcus Tower adds "There are probably over 80 existing diseases that we've proven that stem cells from the umbilical cord blood to be useful in treating. "

Tuesday's story is supposed to follow the cord blood stem cells from the cord to the clinic. Should be interesting, so tune in.