Before you get picky and get your nose out of joint, this is a story about dog cloning.

Booger was a dog, a pit bull terrier that died in 2006. The lady that owned him wanted... more Boogers, so she hired a South Korean company, RNL Bio, to clone her beloved dog, and the clones are due to be born in a few weeks, at a discount price of $50,000 (their usual charge is $150,000). The company has also announced that it has produced four clones of a cancer-sniffing dog.

But now a rival cloning company in the U.S., BioArts International, has issued a cease-and-desist order to RNL Bio. BioArts says they hold exclusive rights to cloning of cats, dogs, and endangered species, and they don't want RNL cutting into their business. Especially since they're trying to launch their own dog cloning company, Best Friends Again, with an auction for the first five dogs cloned (bidding starts at $100,000.)

The whole thing brings to mind the pet-cloning company "Re-Pet" in the 2000 Schwarzenegger movie, The Sixth Day.

Looks like a cloning dogfight is underway.