It appears that Senator Tom Coburn (R-esponsible) was correct in his fears of wasting taxpayer dollars with over one hundred government employees going to Mexico City for the International AIDS Conference, sponsored by the International AIDS Society, the United Nations' UNAIDS agency and the World Health Organization. C-FAM is reporting the conference is in fact a big pro-abortion push for international mexico_logo_Colour.jpgabortion on demand.

The pro-abortion group Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) is hosting three talks during the conference addressing the denial of "medically necessary abortions" to HIV positive women, among other topics. CRR was one of many groups lobbying Congress to turn the recently passed PEPFAR bill into a billion dollar US taxpayer funded international abortion giveaway. C-FAM also points out that the only visible "Catholic" organization to participate formally in the Conference is the schizophrenically named group "Catholics for Choice." They are the group hosting the discussion Senator Coburn mentioned: "Good Catholics Use Condoms: How to Answer the Tough Questions Surrounding HIV/AIDS Prevention and Religion."