There is an irony in the taunts thrown at Christians that they are "intolerant" and "bigoted." Throughout history it has been Christians and others of strong religious faith who have spoken out and fought for those who are truly oppressed. Most notably the abolition of slavery was led by Christians like William Wilberforce in England and Thomas Jefferson Randolph, grandson of Thomas Jefferson, in the United States. And of course the civil rights movement of the 1960's found its leader in the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

However it is Christians and African-Americans who are being attacked, alongside Mormons, because of the leadership and support they gave the successful push for a marriage amendment in California's state constitution. Tony spoke on some of the despicable discrimination reigning down on Mormons last week. Over the weekends homosexual activists have been harassing church goers and also African-Americans (presumably because of the large number of African-Americans in California who voted for the Amendment.) At one anti-opposite-sex marriage protest in Los Angeles homosexuals hurled racial epitaphs and threatening violence towards African-Americans who support gay "marriage." (WARNING: some innapropriate ads on that link)

In a different situation an elderly woman carrying a cross was attacked by homosexual activists and her cross was taken from her and stomped upon (see the end of this video here.) In certain areas of California churches are reporting vandalism and/or protestors seeking to stop worshippers from entering the church.

If pro-marriage supporters used racial slurs and held such violent protests they would be rightfully condemned by the national media and politicians So far there has not been a peep in the national news on these incidents - and as for politicians, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the homosexual protestors "(t)hey should never give up. They should be on it and on it until they get it done." And that he hopes the courts will once again overrule the will of the people.