As a sidelight, here is a brief history of arrested Illinois Gov. Blagojevich's moves to promote human embryonic stem cell research and cloning, starting with his own slush fund for the research in 2005.

July 2005--Executive order to set up $10 million fund

August 2005--Gov. Blagojevich sends a letter to scientists in Missouri, where debates are raging over embryo research and cloning, inviting them to move to Illinois.

March 2006--He removes legislative oversight of his embryonic stem cell research program.

July 2006--Blagojevich again uses his executive power to fund embryonic stem cell research, over the objections of the Illinois legislature.

"Blagojevich says he won't let a lack of legislative support keep him from spending tax money on what he considers a vital need."

August 2007--Blagojevich finally gets the Illinois legislature to pass a bill authorizing human embryonic stem cell research and cloning.