The Washington Post reports today that the very impressive e-mail and cell phone number lists that Obama's political campaign amassed will now be moving over to the White House to be used as an action arm of the Administration to get those who supported Obama during the campaign to defend his policy decisions.  Any potential legality aside I am worried how a President could very easily misuse this technology.  Candidate Obama used this technology to try to shut down media outlets that gave a voice to any dissenters and also used it to falsely malign two writers, Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso.

The Post article states that the Obama transition team is already using the list to tackle probably the biggest "change" that the Obama Administration is preparing for -  some form of universal healthcare.  President-elect Obama's choice for HHS Secretary, former Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD), has already had a conference call with 1,000 of the people from the list and also has "met with more than 100 insiders," though the only two groups the article names are supporters of taxpayer funded abortions, AARP and Families USA.

Mr. Daschle also praises the suggestions from the taxpayer funded transition site Obama's campaign have set up for comments, "'We want to make sure you understand how important those comments and your contributions are,' Daschle says into the camera. 'Already we've begun to follow through with some of the ideas.' Daschle praises the suggestion of creating a 'Health Corps' of volunteers, modeled after President John F. Kennedy's Peace Corps."

Actually, someone else thought the Health Corps idea was so great that it was created 35 years ago.

Daschle then closes with a quote reassuring people that facts won't matter as much as anecdotes - so keep those stories coming in!

Stay tuned for more on the incoming HHS Secretary...