Just when you thought the toymakers could not go any further with crazy toys and ensuring children grow up faster, it appears that there is a new version of Betsy Wetsy on the toy market. There is an overwhelming demand at various retailers for this toy. While I do not have anything wrong with dolls (believe me, I once played with dolls), this doll has gone beyond the original design to more realistic childlike qualities.

According to The Washington Post, this new doll has caused a stir amongst many parents, who either find this doll inappropriate or just feel it is another toy that will be fun for their child. However, you might be wondering if this will have any impact on the child.

"With 5,000 toys introduced into the market every year, "what happens is that there's huge competition to get noticed. And what that means to toys is that they get more and more and more and more outrageous," said Susan Linn, professor of child psychology at Harvard and director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. "This toy is shocking enough that it's going to be noticed. But at best, this toy is unnecessary. At worst, it's really gross."

But Jim Silver, editor of Time to Play, a Web magazine that reviews toys, says children want reality.

"By the time they're 5 or 6, they don't want a play cellphone, they want a real cellphone," Silver said. "A baby doll is all about nurturing. So what Mom went through with them, they want to go through with their dolls. And how do you do real potty training without pooping?" Silver said he laughed when he first saw the pooping dolls and wondered if they were necessary. Although he said he has been sworn to secrecy about next year's new toys, an early peek shows reality is only going to get more real. "You're going to see the envelope pushed to make baby dolls as real as possible without being offensive in any way.

It appears that the toy makers do not have any decency when it comes to producing age appropriate products. The fact that you have a toy reviewer indicating that the envelope will be pushed some more by the toy makers, you might wonder what will our children will be subject to next.