The results keep coming in, and the results are great. Research using adult stem cells continues to yield success in treating living human beings. While the media is all agog over a new (the first) FDA approved trial for embryonic stem cells, the real story is the continuing success with adult stem cells, which can be isolated and used in treatments without any ethical problems. In our semi-annual update, David Prentice and I collect and discuss only such successes from the last 6 months, and they are impressive.

In our 12 page report, you'll meet people who have been helped with adult stem cells, such as 9-month old Chole Levine, who made a 50 % recovery from cerebral palsy, Susan Fister who overcame leukemia, 12 year-old Michael Wenman  whose digestive tract had been destroyed by a malfunctioning immune system prior to his ASC treatment, among many others. Their stories show that we can provide highly successful treatments to suffering human beings without engaging in unethical embryonic stem cell research. In embryonic stem cell research, human beings in the embryonic state must be destroyed; with adult stem cell research, on the other hand, we can use stem cells in a person's own body, or from cord blood "banked" at birth, to treat them. This is ethical science and medical at their best.