As the ice melted off my computer yesterday morning in D.C., I was able to find an email from Chicken Little--disguised as Al Gore. He's the Chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection. Mr. Gore was reaching out to the UFO crowd and others about how the "entrenched interests in Washington will be working hard to weaken" President Obama's stimulus bill.

The closer one looks at the so-called stimulus bill, the more you see that is a pork-laden political payoff which includes billions of dollars to those "entrenched interests in Washington" which Mr. Gore speaks of, most of whom have been at the public trough for years. They include groups like Planned Parenthood and the controversial and corrupt ACORN. Because this measure--which is now estimated to cost taxpayers $1.1 trillion--is so big, there are billions to be passed out to all kinds of left wing groups. Near the top of this list is the green lobby that Al Gore and his global warming alarmists are a part of.

By the way, in a recent Pew Research Center Poll of what Americans said were their public policy priorities - Al Gore was left out in the cold - global warming ranked dead last.