Here's a glimpse into the buzz within the blogosphere.

  • "Konichiwa," Matthew Continetti, The Weekly Standard Blog Let's take a look at Japan's situation after passing a stimulus, as an example of why we should not pass such a pork-laden piece of legislation.
  • "Jake Tapper Cleans Robert Gibbs' Clock," Caleb, RedState Great YouTube clip of ABC News Jake Tapper's exchange with Gibbs regarding the dodging of questions by the Obama Administration on issues involving the economy.
  • "A Liberal Scalia?," Peter Suderman, The American Scene What would happen if Obama appointed a liberal equal to Antonin Scalia? The answer would be frightening, so let's hope that never happens.
  • "UK 'Praying Nurse' Can Return To Work," SG, Sweetness & Light What's wrong with praying over a patient? There's nothing wrong. I admire this nurse for standing strong for her faith.