NOMINEE: Lisa P. Jackson

BIRTH DATE: February 8, 1962 in Philadelphia, PA; adopted a few weeks later and raised in New Orleans, LA


Master's in Chemical Engineering 1986, Princeton

Bachelor's Chemical Engineering summa cum laude 1983, Tulane


FAMILY: Husband: Kenny Jackson; two sons, Marcus and Brian

Clinton White House: 1986-2002 Various positions with EPA, including Deputy Director of New York City branch, and Acting Director of the Regional Enforcement Division

EXPERIENCE:December 1-15, 2008 Chief of Staff to Governor of New Jersey

Feb. 28, 2006-Nov. 30, 2008 New Jersey Commissioner for Environmental Protection

2005 Assistant Commissioner For Land Use Management, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

2002-2005 Assistant Commissioner of Compliance and Enforcement, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


"I will serve with science as my guide."

"Science must be the backbone of the EPA."


"When that finding happens (deciding on whether CO2 hurts humanity), when EPA makes a decision on endangerment, let me put it that way, it will indeed trigger the beginnings of regulation of CO2 for this country."

"There will need to be a look at the costs to the economy, but also a reasonable look. We will be reasonable, thoughtful, and deliberate when we move toward limiting carbon."

"All industries have the potential to do environmental harm, and what we need to do is to work with them and in some cases regulate them as we begin to address global warming."

"A carbon tax alone in isolation does not set a cap, or a long-term goal in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions ... I think the goal is reducing emissions. I would certainly welcome the conversation ... but the president-elect has said a cap-and-trade program is what he would like."


While in charge of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection, Jackson cracked down on New Jersey's largest polluters in certain regions of the state. She also presented a plan to the state that outlined a proposed plan to reduce carbon emissions 20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. [Source]

"When it comes to the auto industry, the E.P.A. apparently is the Emissions Permissions Agency."
(Speaking on a Bush Administration ruling in 2007 that prevented individual states from enacting tougher fuel efficiency standards.)


Some feel that the pick of Jackson as the head of the EPA signals a plan by the Obama administration to copy the environmental philosophy and rules now seen in Europe.


Under Jackson, New Jersey joined a 10 state cap-and-trade carbon emission reduction program designed to pressure large companies into reducing emissions.


The Natural Resources Defense Council has sad that Obama's selection of Jackson as the head of the EPA, "signals to the rest of the world that the United States will be a leader on global warming."


"The Katrina experience made me realize that you can't fight; you have to accept what God has in store for you. I truly believe that God gave us this world and we have a moral obligation not to turn around and give the next generations a trash heap that they can't live off of."



6/30/07 $1,000 Clinton, Hillary (D)