CPAC definitely offers a vast array of speakers in the conservative movement, and this year's conference is no exception to the rule. Right now, I am live blogging from the New Challenges in the Culture War panel discussion, which features many renowned experts in the pro-life movement. The panelists include: Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse of The Beverly LaHaye Institute and Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel and Liberty University School of Law.

Dr. Crouse is right now discussing how Obama's agenda will be particularly devastating to the pro-life movement, in addition to promoting a feminist agenda. Crouse is also mentioning the damaging decision to reverse the Mexico City policy. The Obama administration is using a portion of the budget to expand funding of reproductive services through increasing Planned Parenthood funding.

Additionally, Dr. Crouse is also mentioning how the Fairness Doctrine will effectively close down conservative talk radio, further expanding the liberal encroachment in the media.

Hollywood has also been a threat to our culture, whether it is Sean Penn portraying Harvey Milk in the movie, "Milk," or Kate Winslet's character in "The Reader."

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel is now speaking. He is mentioning how the Obama administration will be threatening traditional marriage through the open promotion of homosexual marriage. Staver said that 30 states have successfully passed marriage amendments, as well as amendments to state constitutions declaring marriage as being between one man and one woman. The marriage amendments have been championed by pro-family African Americans and Hispanics, who believe in traditional marriage. Staver also mentioned that the RNC has one of the most conservative, pro-family policy platforms. This platform was revised during the RNC Convention in 2008.

Rep. Chris Smith from New Jersey is now addressing the audience. Abortion is violence against children and is hurtful to women on the emotional and physical level. It is a violation of the child's human rights. The Obama agenda is one of the most pro-abortion agendas in history, and Obama will be known as the abortion president. Smith is also discussing the negative effect of the repeal of the Mexico City policy.

Obama also wants to reinstate the U.N. Population fund. Smith said if we want to look at the detrimental effects that this policy is going to have on America, we need to look at China's treatment of women and children.

Overall, this was a great panel that offered insight into the challenges that the pro-life movement faces in the next four years. We need to remain strong to prevent these policy proposals from being enacted into law.