I listened this morning to President Obama as he addressed the National Prayer Breakfast. I was filled with awe. Not because of his smooth delivery or his gracious style.  Rather, that his style so completely belies what his motives are.  This president is the most pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-life movement president in the history of the United States, and oh by the way, very likeable as he glides through with his wrecking ball on life and marriage issues.  When he refers to the fact that religion should not divide people, does any thinking person doubt that he is speaking of abortion and marriage policies?

This president seems so completely owned - not just politically, but mentally as well - by the liberal philosophies which are drummed into students' brains on college campuses, that he has the audacity to tell a Prayer Breakfast audience that he will change the Faith-Based Offices from faith-based to faith-based plus non-faith-based groups. What might some of those be? Perhaps, Planned Parenthood because they have done such "fine work" in the community? 

He can get away with diminishing the purpose of the faith based offices with Americans who are not familiar with the ways of politicians, but this writer sees right through to his intent. His gleaming smile cannot hide the giant wrecking ball he wields.  He has begun the dismantling of the protection of marriage (because standing up to the gay attack on Christians and their beliefs is "divisive"), he has voted against protecting human life in and out of the womb (because to defend the voiceless is "divisive") and he will put in place those people and those organizations who know just how to do it (read bios here.)

Sadly, he is popular enough to attend a national prayer breakfast and deliver a speech that carried more criticism of religion than the worth of it.  I know that by blurring the tenets of all religions he was sending a message of hope to radical Muslims who have pledged to kill those who disagree with them.  Oddly, I get the feeling he was sending the same message to those of us who would stand and defend the unborn and who would demand that the sacrament of marriage be left alone.