Planned Parenthood, the nation's premier supplier of birth control, is also the nation's top deliverer of the undelivered - human lives that are ended by induced abortion. The chart below shows the regular, decades-long increase in abortions carried out in the U.S. by the agency that styles itself as focused on reducing the "need" for abortion.

Planned Parenthood abortions 1973-2006

Planned Parenthood has doubled its abortion count (and the figures exclude early abortions carried out through abortifacient means in the first minutes or days after conception) in the last 13 years alone. Federal (taxpayer) money for the group has also grown during this period. Money to Planned Parenthood is apparently a "stimulus" affording the group more access to women who are abortion vulnerable.

UPDATE: Todd, a commenter below, asks a good question: what is the source of these figures? Answer: they are published yearly in Planned Parenthood's own annual reports.