Earlier this week we took a look at Planned Parenthood's burgeoning abortion industry. While the nation's overall induced abortion count is declining, Planned Parenthood's is soaring. The chart below adds two more trend lines, the number of "emergency contraceptive" kits (a.k.a. Plan B, morning after pills) distributed and the number of adoption referrals made each year by all Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide. Plan B distribution is brisk, even soaring, and if abortions are being averted by this lucrative tactic, it has yet to show up in the agency's own clinical data.


As you can see regarding the adoption referrals, you can hardly see the adoption referrals. The bright yellow line that crawls along the x axis of the graph is Planned Parenthood's minuscule involvement in this life-giving option. Roughly 120 babies die in their perimeter for every one that gets a chance at adoption placement. Families are unplanned, not formed, through this agency.