President Obama's omnibus spending bill contains many odd line items. Here's one: $1.2 billion for what the bill calls "anti-bullying" curricula. One may wonder when it became the federal government's responsibility to protect our children from the schoolyard bullies. In my long ago high school, the Boys' Leaders Club stopped bullies from even getting started. And if they didn't succeed, there was always Mr. Martinell's "board of education," firmly applied to the seat of the pants.

Ever since the horror of Columbine High School in 1999, and the mass murders on campus at Virginia Tech several years ago, worried parents have been trying to find answers to why some students "snap" and attack their classmates with murderous violence.


In some cases, it may be because they've been taunted, teased, bullied. But what has been a perennial parental concern about schoolyard violence has now been hijacked by the gay lobby. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the huge Washington, D.C.-based gay lobbying outfit has initiated a campaign to have our public schools declare themselves Welcoming Schools. In the pursuit of this warm welcome, HRC wants all schools in America to affirm the gay lifestyle.

Part of the "anti-bullying" curriculum HRC is touting nationwide has been the assignment of such books as "Sissy Duckling" and "King and King." "Sissy Duckling" is described as a book whose "characters challenge gender norms." "King and King" features one young prince charming who fails to find an eligible princess and pledges his troth instead to another man.

A column by Katherine Kersten in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune exposes the real agenda behind these so-called anti-bullying curricula. Mrs. Kersten points out that the Welcoming Schools program hardly addresses the traditional targets of schoolyard bullies-kids of a different race or ethnicity, kids who are undersized, overfed, and that staple of child antagonism, kids who wear glasses. Instead, the curriculum is heavily weighted on the subjects of anti-gay, anti-lesbian stereotypes

There should not even be a bullying problem in Minneapolis. Don't these kids listen to Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion? Whatever became of "Minnesota Nice?"

Mrs. Kersten quotes a parent from Minneapolis' Hale (elementary) School. Arbuc Flomo is with the Coalition for Parents' Rights. Mr. Flomo says the curriculum is "a direct slap in parents' faces." Flomo cites examples of the curriculum's typical style of instruction: "I used to think, but now I know..." Every "now I know" statement rejects what parents teach and affirms the new politically correct lessons. Mr. Flomo sees the curriculum as an assault on the parents' moral code.

In one rigged "exercise," first graders are instructed to put together a puzzle to form families. Except they can't form traditional units of Mom, Dad, and children. They are forced to form families with same-sex adults and their children. "Students will find that they must create some families with adults of the same gender."

Notice the must. This is not education. It's heavy-handed indoctrination. The Hale School principal, Bob Brancale, said the Welcoming Schools curriculum would be implemented "regardless of the personal issues of parents or staff." Remember when we learned that principal was spelled with an "a" because the school principal was your pal? Whatever became of school administrators as public servants?

These impressionable little children are supposed to repeat the received wisdom from their anti-bullying instructors. And what if they resist? Is there a better definition of bullying than this? Here we see paid agents of the state forcing kids to regurgitate the approved liberal line on homosexuality. The kids are in that classroom by force of law. Mandatory attendance laws govern their presence in those classrooms unless their parents can afford private schools or unless they have the courage, determination, and the time to home school.

Barack and Michelle Obama have just placed their darling girls in Sidwell Friends, a very tony private school in Washington, D.C. At the same time he sends his girls to school in a 10-car caravan with Secret Service protection, the President is allowing Congress to cut the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships-vouchers--that have allowed some 1,700 Washington poor kids to attend private schools in the nation's capital. But don't worry, when two of those poor kids have to leave Sidwell Friends, they'll have a nice, welcoming, gay-indoctrinating public school to attend instead. And if they still have to worry about real schoolyard bullies, maybe the Obamas will invite their children's former classmates over to play on the new White House playground.