We arrived in Honduras last night on our trip to make preparations to build an orphanage for children whose parents have died from AIDS.  On our medical mission trip this past summer we went to a village outside of Tela, called Tornabe, and discovered homeless children everywhere. The reason, we found out, was that Tornabe has the highest rate of AIDS infection in the Western Hemisphere.  These children sleep on the beach, the streets, or -- if they are lucky -- the house of a friend where they are safe.  We are working with a church in the village to host the facility.

Our arrival last night was delayed a few hours after a passenger in Miami made a threat and was removed from the plane -- along with his luggage and mine! I am told it will be here this afternoon.

This morning our plan is to meet with local governmental officials to make sure there are no unforeseen obstacles that could pop up in the process of building the orphanage.