The Charleston Gazette this morning reports of Dr. Susan Wicklunds visit to Charleston yesterday for a book signing and speaking engagement with the Womans Club of Charleston. Wickland, a long-time abortionist from Montana, offers praise for her profession. The Gazette article, unsurprisingly, is glowing in its coverage. But it is the actual words of Dr. Wicklund that left me stammering for words.

Consider, for instance, her description about what abortion is:

Abortion is about life: quality of life for infants, children and adults. Everywhere and in every sense of the word. Life, not death, she writes in her book, This Common Secret, My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.

I am at a complete loss for comment on such a statement. Abortion is about life? Really? Clearly, the abortion industry has done much to justify, conceal, and rationalize their life-ending practices for decades, but is this the new face of pro-abortion activists like Dr. Wicklund? In recent years, the rhetoric of pro-abortion politicians has shifted from discussing the actual procedure to focusing on the focus-group approved message of making abortion safe and rare. President Obama has infamously declared that, though we may disagree, we ought to agree on ending unwanted pregnancies. Such an argument, it would seem, is lost on Dr. Wicklund, who would rather end a human life to improve quality of life for another.

However, as I think about, Dr. Wicklund has actually made a profoundly correct statement.

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