A successful treatment that restored sight to eight patients using adult stem cells is actually getting some media play. We reported on this back on December 11.

Now it is getting noticed by the Times of London, the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Irish Examiner, the Indian news agency newKerala.com, as well as other British, Irish, & Indian news outlets, and even the Nature blog. So far no major news outlets in the U.S. are reporting the story, though.

Most of the current stories feature Russell Turnbull, who was squirted in his right eye with ammonia when he tried to break up a fight. Blinded by the attack, doctors used adult stem cells from Turnbull's good eye to repair the damaged eye. A year and a half after receiving the treatment, Mr Turnbull is now pain-free with dramatically improved vision.

This has transformed my life, my eye is almost as good as it was before the accident, he said. Im working, I can go jet-skiing again, and I also ride horses. I have my life back thanks to the operation.

All eight patients who were treated report improved vision, reduced eye pain and a better quality of life. While none of the stories note that it was adult stem cells that were used, they do at least identify that the cells were from the patients themselves, and none try to claim these were embryonic stem cells.