The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which has been under scrutiny since last months Islamic Underwear bomber, tried to fend off further exposure of their systems flaws this week. This time it was the public story of an 8 year old cub scout Mikey Hicks who was first pulled aside for additional screening and a pat down when he was 2-years-old and it continues every time he flies.

TSAs explanation is that Mikey shares the name with another Michael Hicks who made the Department of Homeland Securitys watch list. Attempts to remove Mikey from the list have been unsuccessful.

It appears there is problem. The parents of an 8-year-old cub scout from New Jersey can get him off the watch list and a father who warned officials his son had been radicalized by Islamic terrorists in Yemen, couldnt get the underwear bomber on the list.

Look for these discrepancies to increase if President Obama is successful in securing the nomination of Erroll Southers as the head of the TSA.

Among his problems; Southers has been under criticism for misleading congress about accessing confidential records. After his testimony Southers admitted to snooping into the records of his estranged wifes boyfriend.

But thats not the most troubling. As deputy director of the California Office of Homeland Security Southers is on record highlighting the traits of home grown terrorist that he says poses a greater threat to America than Islamic terrorists. Among the traits that he identifies of those domestic terrorists: (1) anti-government, anti-abortion and Christian identity oriented.

I think Ive actually seen airport security under a Southers led TSA.