A few weeks ago I had a truly edifying conversation with a Mrs. Slyvia Slifko, who helped to found Image Clear Ultrasound (ICU) in Akron, Ohio.

In 2004, after working for a number of years in a pregnancy resource center, Sylvia wanted to offer pregnant mothers considering abortion the opportunity to see their developing baby in ultrasound. Recognizing that location was critical Sylvia hoped to find an RV or van for a mobile sonogram unit. In a very short period of time and thanks to a generous donor, a number of pieces came together to make Sylvias hope a reality, including the purchase an RV, a sonogram machine, and the help of a retired MD and part-time Sonographer.

Since that time ICU has enabled women who dont have access to sonograms but do have questions about the life in their womb this priceless opportunity, for free. In the process, as many as 1500 abortions have been averted. To hear this inspiring story in her own words, listen to Sylvias interview on FRCs weekly radio show.

And to learn more about Sylvias work or how you to do similar work in your locality, visit her website.