I am currently following the blog of a young woman who has chosen to abort her second child via medical abortion, or, RU-486. My heart aches for this woman (and for her unborn baby), who, by her own account is the victim of abuse and has suffered depression and suicidal thoughts.

Angie, a single mother of a four-year-old son, is documenting her second childs termination via Twitter and blog. She also appeared on YouTube to discuss her decision and experience. Angie is getting cheered on for her brave decision by fellow bloggers posting on her site.

Anyone following this story or watching her on youtube will feel sorry for Angie and want to do whatever they can to help her. Those responding on her blog think the helpful response is to support her choice and encourage Angies termination of her baby.

I, however, disagree with Angies cheerleaders. Supporting her decision to abort her baby unintentionally does a grave injustice to Angie, her unborn child, her son and even her boyfriend.

Abortion kills one person and wounds at least one additional person.

For any woman who might think that abortion could ever be the best option, I would encourage visiting this site, which includes testimony from women who underwent abortions.

I would also encourage reading the pamphlet on the psychological effects of abortion, co-authored by a formerly pro-choice psychiatrist who continually counseled women struggling emotionally and psychologically after having an abortion.

The following link shows studies with the physical consequences of abortion.

For boyfriends, husbands and men who are struggling with the decision or aftermath of abortion, see this link.

And for any woman who has chosen abortion and is struggling with her choice, please visit the following link.

To Angie, or anyone who has been in her position --- may you find the necessary peace and healing that can only come by accepting that abortion is never the best choice for a mother or baby.