As the brutal consequences of Chinas one-child policy that became law in 1978 are becoming fully known, it is apparent that unborn females, young girls and young women are the real victims of this law.

Chinese parents have traditionally preferred sons, since a son carries the family name, inherits family properties and supports his parents in their old age, while Chinese daughters become part of their husbands family. Thus, limiting families to one child has resulted in the sex-selection abortion of girls as Chinese parents are forced to choose between their future security and the lives of their daughters.

The magnitude of this situation and the vast numbers of Chinese women missing because they were aborted is being acknowledged, as Chinese boys now outnumber girls by the millions --- resulting in a dire shortage of eligible brides for Chinas young men. The most calamitous consequence of the shortage of Chinese girls is the growing trade of foreign girls and women from many countries --- especially Korea --- being trafficked into China for the purpose of forced marriages and sexual exploitation.

Chinas one-child policy is a triple whammy against women. It begins with the women who are forced to make the horrendous decision to abort an unborn baby girl because sons are preferred in a one-child family. Then, the life of the aborted baby girl is snuffed out, obviously without her consent. Now, women beyond Chinas borders are paying the price of this misguided and cruel policy as they are forcibly trafficked into China to sexually satisfy Chinas disproportionately male population.

As this travesty against women is perpetuated in China and surrounding countries, one wonders where the female pro-choice defenders are when it comes to these women who are being forced into unimaginable situations, clearly not of their own choosing. Rather than speaking up for millions of women in this dire situation, a coalition of womens groups in the U.S., including Womens Media Center, National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority Foundation, are galvanized and unloading their fire on a Super Bowl ad about one woman who tells of choosing life for her son. Pam Tebow chose to continue a risky pregnancy rather than abort her baby, and her inspiring story is one of celebrating life and families. You can read here the opinion of a pro-choice Washington Post staff writer, Sally Jenkins, who agrees that the nation can learn much from the Tebows.

As the Tebows are telling their story of choosing life, other compassionate people are working through their local pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) to provide healthy alternatives to abortion. Please log on to and read about the extraordinary contributions made by the nations PRCs in meeting the needs of women, youth and families.